Bet Viewer

View interesting bet slips blocked from your region.
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What is bet viewer?

A bet viewer is a tool that enables you to access and view any bet slip or bet codes from any bookie, sites from anywhere even from blocked/restricted regions without needing a VPN.

How to view bet codes/slips blocked in your region

  1. Open convertbetcodes’s bet viewer
  2. Enter the bet code
  3. Select the origin bookie and click view

Why you can't view codes/slips in your region(country)

Mainly because for legal reasons’ is not legalized to operate gambling business in your location and are simply complying..

What to do when you can’t view code

  1. Abandon the chance
  2. Ask a friend in that location to preview and share a screenshot
  3. Find online bet viewers to use like this.

Things you can do with a bet viewer.

  1. Further, share with others
  2. Convert the code to another bookie available in your region using bet converter
  3. Convert the slip's picks to a safer bet using bet safely

What betting sites' codes can you view?