Frequently asked questions

To get the best sport betting experience without being limited to a single bookmaker, Convert Bet Codes allows you to convert your codes to any bookmaker of your choice in seconds.

Yes, our service is unit-based pricing. so you buy units to keep use our service.
More information on pricing can be found Here .

  • Log on to
  • Register
  • Buy unit
  • Input your betcode from your bookmaker
  • select the origin bookmaker
  • select the destination bookmaker
  • Convert and get the Code

Please Note: Your Destination Bookmaker may not always have the options available from your origin bookmaker.

Conversion happens in seconds, faster than it takes you to spell CONVERT.

You get 3 free trial units after which you have to register and purchase units.

Like magic, our system takes your betting code and converts it to the betting code of your destination bookmaker.

We use best practices to keep your personal information safe, secure and private.

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