Bet slip converter tool for punters.

November 19,2021

A bet slip converter is a tool/service that enables you to seamlessly transfer your selections & picks from one betting website to another in an automated fashion.

Over the years, since online sports betting went mainstream, there have been numerous challenges faced by bettors. They include:

  1. The stress of finding good predictions to stake,
  2. Staking responsibly,
  3. Addiction, etc.

The most painful and needless stress is that of booking games across different booking websites.

For example: if you have a bet on e.g. sportybet, and also would like to book the same game on bet9ja or 1xbet, you have to start all over again manually entering the bets in bet9ja.

This challenge is also painful for many tipsters who will have to post games in many bookies to cater to their numerous followers with preferred bookies. With a conversion tool, they can either convert for their followers or recommend this tool to them so they can do the conversion themselves to their choice of bookmaker.

Why you should have a bet converter in your toolbox as a bettor

  • It allows you to have the best betting experience by not being restricted to one bookie.
  • It allows you to weigh your options and compare odds. By having multiple bookies to bet with, you reduce the bookmakers' advantage.
  • it allows you to secure odds fast.
  • it allows you to quickly take chances on any interesting bet.

How to convert your bet code from one bookie to another

Many apps and sites make it very easy to do this, in about 3 steps, you can transfer selections from any bookie to your preferred betting platform on a site.

  1. Open the site/app e.g
    Input the booking code.
  2. if you have a bet slip ID instead, go to the bookie that generated the bet slip id, load it, and then book the bet to get the booking code. Repeat 1 above.
  3. Select the home(origin) and destination bookie.
  4. Then click on convert, in a couple of seconds the booking code usable on your preferred bookie is ready.