How to Convert Bet Codes?

August 17,2023

Betting on sports events is a favorite pastime among many young Nigerians. Sportybet, 1xBet, Paripesa, Msport, Bet9ja, Betway, and several others are top bookies in Nigeria offering different range of betting services and stake options. These bookies also have different maximum payout amounts and processes.

Most bettors usually have a preferred bookmaker for various reasons, but they miss out on promising bet options that are unavailable on their preferred bookie. Thankfully, with the availability of platforms to convert bet codes for free, Nigerian bettors can now enjoy tons of juicy offerings from any bookmaker within and outside Nigeria.

Any bettor who desires to positively improve their sports betting experience must know how to convert bet codes between different bookmakers. This is key to getting the next boom and grand audit.

A Simple Way to Convert Bet Codes for Free

Every hustler deserves green luck and grand audits, and the best companion for this quest is a trusted bet conversion service.

Rather than being subjected to the tricks of these bookmakers, it is best to be in total control, by finding a bookie that ticks off major satisfactory betting conditions for you among the lot.

Convertbetcodes gives up to 3 free units to convert booking codes for every signup. Here are the steps to convert odds between different bookies:

  1. Sign up and create an account on convertbetcodes.
  2. Login to your account, click on the menu at the top left of your dashboard.
  3. Select Services and click on Bet Converter.
  4. Enter Booking Code
  5. Click “Convert from” to select original bookie.
  6. Click “Convert to” to select your preferred bookie.
  7. Click on “Convert”
  8. Your new bet code will be returned instantly.

Converting Bet Codes Between Different Bookmakers

There’s a lot of competition amongst bookmakers in Nigeria and this is why they all strive to attract patronage with different amazing offers.

Many of the offers from bookies always hold a lot of promises, but there is always a catch and a potential pitfall for gullible punters and bettors. Bookmakers always want to reduce players’ chances of winning to the barest minimum. The use of shady tactics such as match fixing and disabling active markets are still common amongst many bookies.


Knowing how to convert bet codes will take power away from bookmakers and place it in the hands of bettors. Instead of chasing losses, big booms, and grand audits becomes more attainable for bettors.

With bet conversion now made possible, you can be sure not to miss out on games from popular punters and other betting communities.