How to build a bet converter app online

September 05,2023

There are out-of-the-box APIs you can use to build a bet converter in a fast turnaround time, you only have to plug in and with a few customizations, you are set.

A bet converter helps you to convert bet codes from one betting platform to another. For example, you can convert bet codes from Sportybet to Msport, and vice versa and across several other bookies.

How to access the API in quick steps

  1. Get an API key: You start the experience by signing up on for free, then reach out to support to request an API key. By default, the key will come with free credits for your test environment, staging and development.
  2. Follow the documentation: The documentation is straightforward, and easy to follow, with sample requests and responses to make development a breeze.
  3. Go Live: Once your development is complete, you can go live by purchasing any suitable business package on the pricing page.

What do you need to know about building a bet converter?

Sportsbook Knowledge

You need to have a good knowledge of bookmakers, the markets that they cover, and the different betting options on offer. You also need to understand the betting options that are favourable to punters and bettors.

Technical Skills

You need to have solid programming knowledge in Flask, Node.js, PHP, and other programming languages, but there’s a high chance of errors that may not produce the desired results.

Having technical skills is however not enough if there is no understanding of the complex nature of the sports betting market especially among bettors and punters. You need to be able to spot the moving trends in the market.

Target audience

The end customer or users you are building for will determine the betting platforms you will offer on your service. Although some betting sites span across many countries, you still need to consider the majority of bookies available in the region where your audiences are based.

Coverage -What can be converted?

  1. Supported bookies: at the moment, 30+ bookies are currently supported as origin and destination bookies. This number is also increasing to widen coverage and offer more value.
  2. Sports: Soccer is supported across all bookies enlisted on the platform with other sports like basketball, tennis etc., depending on the bookies in the conversion, may be supported. However, to manage expectations, the service has been rated soccer.
  3. Pre-match/In-plays: Pre-match events are supported across the board on the platform with In-plays depending on the bookies in the conversion, may be supported. However, to manage expectations, the service has been rated pre-match events.
  4. Markets & options: These are dependent on the sport in question, but all popular markets, half market, corners, cards, goals, combo etc.(1x2, double chance) are well supported.


You can build for iPhone which you will list on the Apple store for it to be available to your users for download and usage. Likewise, you can list it on the Google Play store as an APK file for Android users.

Convert Bet Codes has a ready-made Bet Converter API solution for Tipsters, Bookies, Bettors, and Sports lovers, and anybody who desires to build. This solution is super easy to use and has been adapted by several bet conversion providers.